Monday, July 21, 2014

Country Explosion-Meeting Toby Keith

On Saturday we had a big pool party with our friends. Shawna's husband Travis and my husband Riley wanted to go fishing after the party. Since the boys were going fishing, Shawna and I wanted to do something together. Shawna's dad is Shawn from KBULL93, so she asked him if he could get us tickets to the Country Explosion festival in Tooele. Not only did he get us tickets to the concert, but he got us passes to meet Toby Keith! To say I was excited was definitely an under statement. My little Oklahoma heart just couldn't even handle it. We waited in line behind the KBULL trailer. I was shaking when we got up to say hi to him. He shook our hands and put his arms around us for the picture. I was too nervous to even say that I was from Oklahoma too and that I use to see him at all of the OU basketball games. After we got our picture, we got a bag with hats, t-shirts, and a CD in it. We also got a picture of Toby Keith that was signed. The concert was so fun. Shawna and I couldn't tell if it was more fun to watch the performers or watch the people in the crowd. I also think our husbands were jealous that they decided to go fishing ;)

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