Thursday, September 4, 2014

All About the Leggings

Tunic: J.Crew // similar (On Sale!)
Leggings: Forever 21 // similar
Sandals: Dillards (old)
Purse: Coach // similar
Watch: Arvo
Necklace: TAudrey

Once fall hits, I am ALL about the leggings. I love pairing them with long tees, tunics, and oversized sweaters, and at night-my husband's tees. Leggings are just super comfy, so I try to pair them with everything. And how perfect is this tunic?! It has pockets, which I just absolutely LOVE. Because you never realize how much you use pockets until they aren't there.

Also-whatever happened to the favorite awkward and awesome Thursday that Sydney from The Daybook would do?! I kind of want to bring it back, so here is something awkward and awesome that happened to me this week.

Awkward: Asking a lady where the bathroom was. She pointed to a hallway so I walked over and opened the door-it was a closet. Then I turned around and she pointed to the door next to it. Ahhhh yep...that's the bathroom....with the sign that says Women's Room. 

Awesome: Having a 3 day weekend and Labor Day sales-I think we can all agree that it's awesome.

Enjoy the rest of your week! xox
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